Will Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Ever Rule The World?

Using The Mind To Keep The Weight Off For Good 

Avoid crash diets and rely on the mind to help you achieve weight loss results that stand the test of time. 

The Atkins, the 5:2 and the Cabbage Soup diets are all incredibly popular weight loss programmes, with various high-profile celebrities demonstrating how effective they supposedly are. But what one thing do they all have in common? The answer is that they’re all fads that offer a promise to shed the pounds quickly, but the problem is that the methods used aren’t necessarily safe and moreover, don’t provide a realistic way to keep the weight off for good. As the message spreads that crash dieting is a waste of time, many are instead learning that healthy eating starts with the mind. 

How Does Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Work? 

There are various mind techniques that can be used to change an individual’s relationship with food, but hypnotherapy for weight loss is by far the most effective. Using a combination of techniques such as mindfulness, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) alongside hypnosis, the patient is encouraged to reframe their relationship with food and to focus on creating lasting, positive changes in their eating habits. Combining this with Pause Button Therapy is important as it allows you to freeze current time when you’re tempted to eat something you know you don’t need. By using the pause button technique, you can take a moment to evaluate your actions and make better choices. 

Increase in Popularity 

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Hypnotherapy has increased in popularity in the treatment of many addictions and lifestyle issues. From quitting smoking, to insomnia, gambling and now weight loss, hypnotherapy works not by focusing on the symptoms of the problem, but more on addressing the root cause. Instead of undergoing dangerous surgery or embarking on a crash diet that deprives the body of various food groups, hypnotherapy is a safe and natural approach to making positive changes to your relationship with food. 

Success Rates 

Hypnotherapy for weight loss has also been proven to be successful in a controlled NHS trial. 60 obese individuals with obstructive sleep apnoea were hypnotised with stress reduction techniques – after 3 months, the participants had lost an average of 2-3% of their body weight, with a further reduction of 8 pounds each at an 18-month follow-up session. This was found to be significantly more than those taking part in the trial who were given dietary advice alone. The trial concluded by acknowledging that hypnotherapy for weight loss had indeed been successful and should be explored in greater depth to help combat obesity. 

Keeping The Weight Off For Good 

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The question remains as to whether hypnotherapy for weight loss will ever rule the world and become the leading solution for those who want to lose weight. It’s extremely likely that new fad diets will continue to trend on social media, complete with influencer advocates. However, mental health awareness is gaining pace as consumers continue to be informed about the power of the mind. The future will likely see hypnotherapy take centre-stage and become the go-to method for those looking to lose the pounds and keep them off for good! 


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