Does Hypnotherapy Really Work To Stop Smoking?

Smoking has become a much common tradition, from teenagers to elderly, studies have shown more than half percent of smokers have their first cigarette within an hour of getting up from their bed in the morning. And that around half percentage of smokers tend to die early due to distinct smoking related illnesses. The diseases caused by smoking are not limited to lung failures but also include heart attacks, infertility, kidney damage, gastrointestinal problems, gum diseases, cancers, low self-esteem, damage to skin, teeth, breathing issues and what not. Why would anyone want to suffer from such threatening health issues? Smoking addiction isn’t an easy job to quit. Apart from other measures like patches, e-cigarettes, gum etc., one of the new trends is hypnotherapy. After reading the complete article beneath, you can yourself determine if Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy is a real thing?

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a sort of therapy that works by taking the person’s mind in a state of trance or sleep. Clinical Hypnosis is an age old term that professionals practice on patients with certain psychological or physical health problems. It has been used as an effective method of controlling pain in many patients or dealing with nervous system related disorders.  

What is Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy and its process?

Hypnotherapy now has been used for people to help with quitting their cigarette addiction. It is a professional process that requires good therapy sessions. It works as the patient under the effect of hypnosis remains in a state of relaxation and calmness as the doctor speaks to her about encouraging quitting. This involves the doctor trying to create a dislike for the habit through explaining how it is harmful for health and how it can affect their personality and relation with their beloved. The idea is to help the patient understand the ill effects of smoking and that they need to leave bad habits that can damage their body and mind. 

How useful is it for smoking addicts?

People who are determined and taking slow yet gradual steps towards leaving the habit of smoking and turning towards a better healthy lifestyle have been seen to agree with beneficial results hypnotherapy has given them. It is a healthier alternative to e-cigarettes or nicotine gums and can also help the patient with learning to have a better control on managing their stress. There are some positive affirmations that are repeated by the person using hypnotherapy that assist them with better self-control and increase will. 

The relaxed state that hypnosis session allows people to attain enables their mind to be receptive of changes accustomed with behaviors and thoughts associated with smoking.  Further, they are also taught to cope up with the urges that may occur in certain situations or after sessions are over etc. 

Why should you quit smoking?

If you want a better life span with no smoking related diseases and a more positive approach towards dealing with life problems, you should definitely quit the nasty nicotine addiction. Immediately after leaving the addiction one can experience changes in their overall health from improvement in breathing, skin and removal of mucus collected in lungs to blood pressure becoming normal etc. 

Overall, it must be safe to say that hypnosis can be recommended safely for those who are struggling to leave their smoking habits for good.

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