Is Hair Transplant A Permanent Medical Solution To Hair Loss?

Introduction of Hair Transplant?

Alopecia is a big reason for early hair loss, especially in males. Hair transplant is a medical procedure that helps implantation natural hair to that require hair or hair thinning, by using the hairs from the areas having thick locks of hair. The procedure is done medically and can solve the problem permanently. Hair in the transplanted area falls off after some time to the transplant but grows back normally. The hair transplant cost depends majorly on the type of hair and the area of transplant involved.

Procedure for Hair Transplant:

    • An important point to take into consideration during hair transplant is that the hair used in transplant are also extracted from the patient’s head, so if there isn’t enough hair left on the head or the patient is bald, the transplant is impossible.
    • Hair is usually extracted from the back portion of the patient’s head where there is thick growth comparatively, by applying an anesthetic on the body part before starting removing the hair.
    • Both of the different procedures of hair transplant possible differ only at an aforementioned stage. In the Follicular unit transaction, the hair is removed from the head in a layer of 6-10 inches and later the strip is split into multiple strands, while in Follicular unit extraction, hair is being removed individually.
    • After extraction, the donor site is stitched closed and hidden, using the hair near it.
    • The extracted hair is then attached to the area affected by hair loss, by attaching them to the random slits made at the hair receiving site.
    • Once the hair transplant is complete, bandages are applied to the head to secure both the hair donor and hair receiving site from infections.
    • The transplanted hair fall off after up to 4 weeks from the implant, but new permanent hairs take their place soon.
    • Patients are advised to take rest for at least a few days after the surgery to avoid inflammation or infection.
  • Though the surgery is deemed to be expensive, hair transplant cost differs depending on the size and type of hair transplant and also the quality and thickness of the patient’s hair.

Risks Involved in Hair Transplant:

    • It is possible for the patient to experience bleeding, itching or swelling at the donor and receiving hair sites.
    • There can be temporary hair loss or unnatural looking hair at the area of transplant.
    • Follicular or blood crust formed at the areas involved in the transplant.
    • Numbness at the area of transplant or lack of sensation or infection at the donor site after the transplant.
  • Bruising or swelling of eyes is yet another problem that has been experienced by patients prior to the surgery.

Hair transplant is a very effective and useful surgery mainly for people suffering from early hair loss due to hereditary factors. But, before taking the surgery, it is important for the patient to take multiple points into consideration, including the procedure of surgery, risks involved, hair transplant cost or experience of the surgeon.

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