Top 5 Symptoms Of Those With Varicose Veins

The twisted, enlarged and bulging veins, especially in the lower legs, are what is medically referred to as varicose veins. It is a condition that may affect any of the superficial veins. It may equally affect people of all age groups and genders. The patients remain restless when they are moving or even during the resting condition. The obstructions in the normal flow of blood to the affected veins in the lower legs are the key reason for the occurrence of this problem. To manage this problem effectively, you surely need to opt for the most excellent options related to varicose veins treatment Manchester. Before this, you need to consider the key symptoms of this problem as listed below. 

Prominently visible veins 

It is one of the most important and visible symptoms that appear in people with varicose veins. The affected veins are prominently visible in the form of dark purple or blue coloured veins. It is all due to pooling of the blood in these veins. Such veins are clearly visible to others due to their distinct colour. Also, these may be characterised by bulginess and twisting that may give them the appearance of cords in the legs. 

Feeling of heaviness in the legs 

People suffering from varicose veins also complain of heaviness in the legs. The legs may seem to be so heavy that the patients are unable to move the same properly and freely. Even they may find it difficult to carry out routine chores or even walk short distances. In some cases, walking a few steps may result in aggravation of the symptoms. 

Pain and swelling in the lower legs 

Again it is an important symptom that is found in most people suffering from the problem of varicose veins. There is pain and swelling in the lower legs. The severity and intensity of pain may vary from one patient to the other. Apart from pain, the patients also complain of cramping of the muscles in the lower legs. Some people may also experience a burning sensation in the legs. There may also be throbbing pain. 

Itching around the affected veins 

Due to obstructions with the normal supply of blood to the affected veins and the legs, there may be itchiness around one or more veins. The patients may constantly feel a sensation of itching around their veins. 

Discolouration of the skin 

It is worth noting that varicose veins also result in discolouration of the skin of the lower legs. Again the reason is improper and halted the supply of blood to the veins in the lower leg region. The skin may appear somewhat faded and different from the normal one. 

Anyone who experiences any of these symptoms must immediately consult with a healthcare expert and opt for timely and proper diagnosis as well as treatment for this condition. 

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