Why Drinking Filtered Water Is Necessary

Drinking water and that too in sufficient amount is very much necessary on an everyday basis. Now the water that you are drinking, is it healthy enough to drink at all? This is because’ most of the water supplies in India deliver contaminated water as water pollution has increased a lot.

So if one drinks directly from tap water, then there is a high chance that one might fall ill. Water borne diseases that can happen after drinking contaminated water are cholera, typhoid, dysentery and many more.

So, it is a good idea to rely on a good water purification system so that one can get purified water in return. RO care India comes up with a range of water purifiers from where one can choose according to their necessity.

The water supply that one gets generally contains chlorine. The water is thus disinfected using chlorine. According to many reports chlorine removes a lot of microorganism but at the same time this chemical can cause a lot of health problems like rectal and bladder cancer. So it is necessary to have a water purifier that will remove chlorine from water to make it safe for consumption.

There are many people who rely on drinking the bottled water but little do they know that in most cases bottled waters are actually tap waters. At the same time, the plastic bottles themselves are created with a chemical called bisphenol A or BPA which is a synthetic hormone disruptor that has been linked to many health problems like weaker immunity system, breast and prostate cancers, and a huge risk of obesity. So there is actually no point in spending a lot of money on bottled water and instead one should go for a water filter or purifier.

Not only is drinking water from a purification system is much healthier than drinking water from a plastic bottle, but it is also much healthier than drinking non purified tap water as well. While tap water is sometimes meant to be safe to drink; there are many studies which have found many contaminants in them like copper, nickel, chlorine, and even lead in as tested in many parts of the country. On the other hand, the water purification system can actually remove all those unwanted contaminations from the water and leave only good minerals behind. This can ensure that one who is drinking that is actually drinking safe water.

If one has children at home, then they should make the entire house system run on purified water. This is the best way to help them in developing a healthy immunity system. If one uses pure water for drinking and cooking purposes then he children consume healthy water which leads to good physical and mental development.

So one should make their home space safe by installing a proper water purifier. This will keep all the family members safe and sound because they will get healthy water to drink and it will pobviously boost their immunity system, making them strong.

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