How To Understand That You Are Becoming Pregnant?

One of the frequent questions which most of the first time moms ask when will my pregnancy start showing? Each and every woman is different and in case of some of them it may start showing as early as 12 weeks. This is for the first time moms, while in case of others it may start showing sooner as well. Women who had  a pregnancy in the past, usually would have had muscles in their uterus or abdomen stretched.

In case of the others, it will be much earlier than this. In the early stages of pregnancy, your belly is in the form of a pear and over the course of  the next 12 months it goes on to become much more rounded till it goes on to resemble the shape of a grapefruit. This is the time when the bump may begin to form.

At the stage of 16 weeks, the uterus will stretch to fit your growing baby. This is that time when the hump will really begin to show. This is that time when you are bound to be influenced in purchasing maternity clothes. In case of some woman the pregnancy may not show till 20 weeks. There are several other factors which may influence the showing pregnancy.

  • In case of older moms, the symptoms of pregnancy begin to show much earlier than the first time moms and all this has got to do with the tight abdominal muscles.
  • The size of the body as heavier woman may not show signs of pregnancy than the skinny ones. In case of taller women it is much later
  • The size of the baby as well. If you are carrying a small baby, it might not show as early if you are carrying a large baby. The amount of amniotic fluid, which centers on the baby, does make a difference as well.
  • The depth of the pelvis as the deeper it is the later it is bound to show. If one is showing later than expected the chances are that you might have a retroved It means that the uterus is titled more towards the back than the front and in no way has any form of resemblance to how your baby grows.
  • Multiples as if you are carrying more than one baby it will show up much earlier.

Say if there is any form of concern with your hump, then a doctor or  a midwife will ask you to undertake ultrasound, to ensure that you have been provided with the correct due date.

The above mentioned piece of information highlights the changes you are expected to have in your hump, there are some other early symptoms of pregnancy which tend to be all the more apparent. For example ,at around 9 weeks your clothes will start becoming much tighter and your waist might be getting a lot thicker as well. At about 12 weeks, you will notice bulkiness in your breasts.

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