Addictions Ruin Families. Elucidate

Addiction to porn is rather pervasive and before you even realise it can hijack your life. Addiction in several ways can affect many aspects of your entire existence. Most of the people who are addicted to one or the other substance have a fair idea of its harmful effects. However, what most of these people don’t know is how addictions ruin lives. Other than the general effects on health, addiction has psychological effects too. It is therefore best to get rid of addiction to porn which might be ruining your life.

Listed below are the ways in which porn addiction ruins a person’s life.

Lower level of Testosterone

In both males and females, testosterone is produced. The testosterone aids in reducing depression as well as preventing depressions. It has been found out that people watch porn occasionally have about 20% lesser production of testosterone in their bodies. People who watch porn on a regular basis, their bodies are seen to produce about 40-50% less testosterone.

Dopamine Disturbance

Addiction to porn leads to the disturbance of dopamine level in the brain. Dopamine is basically the chemical that is responsible for the reward and the pleasure centre in the brain. The brain would continue to become more and more sensitive to dopamine as the person continues their bad habit. Due to this, life tends to become monotonous and newer things wouldn’t be able to stimulate your brain in a way the addiction does. Your life would soon become monotonous, unsatisfying and dull.

It Reduces Self Esteem

When the level of dopamine in the brain reduces due to addiction, the person starts to feel more and more anxious and self-conscious.  This in turn reduces the self-esteem in an individual. People who give up porn addiction are found to be feeling more confident and also experience improvements in their social life.

Tension and Stress

Many people often believe that the health warnings that they have read and the values that they were taught and made to believe in wouldn’t actually have any effect. However, any conflict that happens in the brain would affect and cause stress. In case you believe in all the things that you have read and have been taught but still continue to keep going on with your addiction to porn, it is going to result in an even higher level of stress. This also would ruin your mood and eventually cause stress and tension.

Guilt Would Ruin Your Temper

Often people who are addicted to some substance do not understand how addictions ruin lives and think that it is perfectly fine to do whatever they are doing. However, your subconscious mind would accumulate guilt each time you do it. After a certain time you would start getting used to that guilt. This means that you would continuously be in a bad mood and even believe that this is exactly how you should be feeling. Your normal state of mind would turn gloomy.

Porn addiction leads to affect your health, mind, mood as well as your hormone levels. It is therefore wise to save yourselves from this hell by leaving your bad habits today itself.

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