Causes, Treatment, And Procedure For Hip Replacement Surgery

The hip replacement is a surgery wherein the doctor removes the painful hip joint and replaces with an artificial joint. The artificial joint is mostly made of plastic and metal components. The surgery is always the last option which is opted when the other forms of treatments fail to offer relief from pain.

The hip replacement surgery has now become a common procedure and is considered very safe. The surgery helps in increasing motion, eliminating pain and performing routine activities. With the passage of time, the advancement in technology and medicines has been done which has enhanced the effectiveness and success of hip replacement. The cost of total hip replacement surgery in India is slightly different from hospital to hospital. The cost also varies depending on which city you choose for surgery.

Causes for surgery:

The hip replacement is required in cases such as rheumatoid arthritis, vascular necrosis, injuries, bone tumors or accidents which can lead to stiffness, swelling or breakdown of the hip joint which may cause the need for surgery.

The hip replacement procedure:

As expert will make an incision in the hip and remove the damaged joint. It will be followed by replacing the same with an artificial joint which is made of ceramic or metal alloy. The surgery lasts for 60 to 90 minutes. Patients with more hip issues might require a longer time for surgery. The surgery for a hip replacement will use the artificial joint to replace the ball which is placed on the upper end of femur i.e. thighbone followed by resurfacing hip socket in the pelvic bone. The surgery will replace the damaged cartilage with the help of a new joint material in the step-by-step procedure.

The modern day procedures also ensure faster recovery post surgery where the patient starts to walk within few days.

The total hip replacement surgery cost in India depends on the hospital as well the doctor performing the surgery. However, in India once can get the benefit of surgery at affordable rates in comparison to other places across the globe. This is also known as a primary reason why medical tourism has increased in India.

Benefits of Surgery:

The patient will no longer require aid while walking and freely walk around without any pain. Post surgery the patient will recover within a time frame of 4-6 weeks which is considered as the average time for recovery. The Hip replacement surgery eliminates the pain and improves the quality of life of the patient since it offers increased mobility to the patient who was restricted previously.

There are various treatments available at different health centers and hospitals that can help the patient to get the best and most feasible option considering his health condition. However, the doctor is the best judge who can help the patient with all the pros and cons of treatment and go for a particular option that can be most useful for him. The cost of the treatment also varies as per the treatment type and hospital. There are many corporate hospitals where the cost is higher than a few of the private as well as general hospitals also.

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