How Are Pesticides Related To Pregnancy

Pregnancy and pesticides can pose a great deal of questions and all this is for a good reason. Considerable amount of exposure to pesticides is a cause of concern to adults, kids along with expecting mothers. So you need to avoid pesticides during pregnancy at any cost. Ants, insects are some of the major reasons why women spray pesticides around their home.

Insecticides along with pesticides are known to contain chemicals, which attack the nervous system of the insects paving them does die. During the first few  weeks of your pregnancy, it is the formation of the nervous system in your baby, and it is that time when you will want to avoid contact with pesticides at all times. Some studies do point to the fact that the greatest risk of exposure to pesticides, is during the first 3 to 8 weeks of trimester, when the neural tube is developing. If you figure out that you are pregnant and you are living in an agricultural area, where pesticides are being used, it is suggested that you consider removing yourself from the area to limit the exposure to various chemicals.

The golden rule of thumb that needs to be voiced is that pregnant women should avoid exposure to chemicals as far as possible. Studies do point to the fact that 3 out of 4 women are exposed to pesticides around their home. Pregnant women, who are exposed to household gardening, had a high risk of heart defects or limb problems. On the other hand children who are exposed to indoor pesticides have a higher chance of contracting leukemia. This risk increases in the first few weeks of pregnancy, when you rely on the services of professional pest control services.

Most of the toxins which are used in pesticides are compounds which tend to occur naturally in plants. Though they may sound healthier, the terms organ or natural cannot be regarded as something safe. All the chemicals, including the natural ones have high chances of causing harm if they are not used in a proper manner. Ensure that you make it a point to read all the packaging contents of pesticide or insecticide when you open them.

Tips to protect against pesticides during the stages of pregnancy.

  • There is no cause for panic if you find that you have been exposed to pesticide as any major risk comes from intense or long term exposure. If you just want to treat your dogs with  fleas and exposed the risk to pesticide, indeed the risk to your baby is small.
  • The best method would be to avoid pesticides in your home or your animals. It is suggested that you avoid their exposure during the first week when the nervous system of the baby is developing.
  • If you are looking for a pesticides treatment for your home or your outer space, you could let someone else apply the pesticides on your behalf. Wash the area of your home, where food is prepared after it is sprayed with pesticides.

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