Three Killers Of Erections: Nervousness, Stress And Repeated Failure. What About That?

Is your erection problem also nervous and stressed? Is he behind your failure over and over again in bed?

Men face sexual problems during youth, adulthood, but also during old age. One of the most common causes is an erection, which at a crucial moment does not last the fixed required time – or does not appear at all. What are the solutions to an erection problem when STRESS is behind it?

Causes of repeated failure and their solutions

Performance anxiety

Performance anxiety occurs when you feel nervousness and stress from your body and the ability to please your partner, which can result in potency problems. Negative thoughts that prevent an erection can be related not only to relationships, but also to work, family problems, neighborhood quarrels, and the like. 


Performance anxiety is, fortunately, a solvable erection problem. You should:

  • Talk to your partner about your concerns about your sexual problem.
  • start devoting yourself to meditation exercises , 
  • Focus on positive lifestyle changes (more exercise, less alcohol, better eating, more sleep). 
  • With the help of positive changes in your life, let go of all negative thoughts and you can get rid of performance anxiety once and for all. 

Fear and anxiety about partner satisfaction

Men often perceive the size of their penis very sensitively, and a negative image of their own body can also be the reason why an erection does not occur. A big mistake is often the idea that the length of the penis is directly proportional to the woman’s satisfaction.


Cassanova did not reach the length of his penis or his diameter, yet he was subjected to hundreds of women. However, he had the confidence and knowledge of how to get women on his side and satisfy them. In many stories in which women confess their best sex ever, they do not cite a large penis as the cause of their satisfactionIt is the partner’s awareness, patience and the ability to bring her to orgasm. 

You can gain confidence in bed with a few clever tricks. These include, for example, exercise, a small change in dressing style or an erection pill Fildena 100.

Try to overcome your fear by “warming up and having fun” with your partner while reading sexual handbook. Thanks to it, you can learn more about women, what they like about men, read interesting erotic stories and be inspired by them. 

Premature ejaculation

Episodes with too rapid a climax can paradoxically be the reason why an erection does not occur in subsequent attempts. This condition will cause stress related to the fear of re-failure or too short a performance.


As reported by the expert advisory sexologist expert it is important that the couple has sex several times a week. Ensuring regularity can prevent ejaculation from accelerating in the event of a several-day outage. It is not a disorder, but a physiological rule.

The best ED Pills has a positive effect on prolonged intercourse, firm erection and performance of a man in bed. It contains a highly concentrated composition sildenafil. 

Anchor ground supports sexual desire and overall performance, it has a positive effect on maintaining optimal levels of male sex hormone. Everything Asian helps maintain optimal endurance and vitalityPeruvian maca helps maintain sexual activity and L-arginine has a positive effect on the body’s blood supply, including the genitals, thus contributing to a firm erection.

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