The Beautiful Benefits Of Beard Balms And Oils

As you may have noticed by now, beard care products like beard softeners are pretty much all the rage at the moment. The reason of course being that beards themselves are the biggest thing to hit the hipster movement since black-rims and spray-on tight jeans – all of a sudden anyone with a taste for style is rocking a full beard of epic proportions. And if you haven’t already joined the party, chances are you will soon enough!

Of course, it’s not until you’re well and truly in with the ‘in’ crowd…in this case the beard crowd…that you’re likely to pay any real attention to proper beard care and maintenance. It sounds like a bit of a strange concept to anyone approaching the subject for the first time, but just as it’s important look after your hair and your scalp, taking care of your beard and the hair on your face is crucial. It’s common practice for some folk with beards to just assume that the daily soap and water ritual in the shower is really all that’s needed. More so, beards are often viewed as protection for the face which leads to skincare regimes being stepped down, which is in every instance a step in the wrong direction.

A Double Dose of Damage

Beards are great, but at the same time demand a good deal of care and attention. The reason being that not only will a variety of external factors and influences lead to the beard itself becoming dry and damaged, but the more damaged it becomes, the more moisture and nutrients it draws from the skin. As a result, those not giving their beards the appropriate care stand to suffer a double-whammy of damage in the form of a dry and unhealthy beard along with dry, flaky and itchy skin beneath it.

Once all of the above become clear, the argument for oils, softeners and other beard products becomes pretty obvious to say the least. But for those looking for the concrete on-paper benefits to expect from such an investment, here’s a quick look at the three primary benefits of using beard oils and conditioners:

Look Great

Deny as most men might, the overwhelming majority of beards are grown primarily for the purposes of looking good and nothing more. Now more than ever, beards are brilliantly stylish and right up there with the most fashionable looks of all. However, there’s a huge difference between a beard that’s ready for the catwalks of Milan and a beard that could easily belong to a vagrant…a difference that’s noticeable from a mile away. As such, if looking great is important, then beard care matters in a big way. Oils are easy to use, hugely economical and can take care of your beard and skin in one fell swoop.

Smell Great

Looking great is one thing, but how about smelling great to boot? It’s less than common for men to be blighted by beards that smell anything but fresh, but just as is the case with the hair on your head there’s so much to be said for adding that little extra touch of freshness with a delightful fragrance. Quality oils and treatments are packed with natural ingredients and extracts in order to leave behind a subtle yet effective fragrance that’s guaranteed to get you noticed. And of course, once you’ve grown a beard you’ll save a fortune on the usual after-shaves and balms you’d normally be using, so it can be a quite economical way to go too.

Feel Great

Last but not least, there’s simply no denying that when your beard is in great condition, you feel great as a result. There are two reasons for this, of which the first is the confidence that comes with knowing your beard really could not look any better. Well-conditioned, well groomed and in the prime of health, a beard has the potential to look simply radiant and can speak volumes for the proud bearer thereof. As for the second reason, it takes a good deal of care and the use of the best products on the market to enjoy the full benefits of a beard without having to cope with the irritation, itchiness and in some cases the soreness of dry skin beneath. The face’s skin is uniquely sensitive and prone to irritation during beard growth, but with the help of the right oils and a little proactive care, you’ll be feeling fresh and fabulous at all times.

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