5 Ways OverPronation Can Affect Your Legs And Back

When your foot gets exposed towards excess pronation then the condition called overpronation arrives. This specific mechanism can be highly injurious for your feet and it might end up into shin splints, ankle sprains, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. In this scenario, most of the doctors strongly recommend their patients to use overpronation insoles in order to get a speedy recovery and relief from the pathetic symptoms. 

How Both Back And Legs Can Get Affected By Overpronation 

The condition of overpronation is mostly experienced by professional athletes especially runners. In most of the cases, it has been found that runners having extremely flexible arches with flat feet experience this condition. This specific foot combination is not at all suitable for running activities as a result of which the foot gets affected so very badly. 

  • In the case of overpronation, the foot does not offer enough support to your body as a result of which you might face the issue of instability along with acute pressure on your feet. Plantar fasciitis is common foot trouble that might get developed if you have been suffering from this condition since a very long time. 
  • Too much far inward rolling of the foot, in this case, will reduce the shock-absorbing capability or power of your foot and this is why the shocks get automatically redirected towards upward and outward directions putting a lot of stress over your joints and bones. Many runners are currently suffering badly from this problem and the only way to get relief is to use medicated insoles and to take enough rest. 
  • It is the gluteus Maximus muscles at your lower back that get affected the most as a result of which severe back pain occurs from time to time. 
  • Both body and feet alignment gets adversely impacted by over-pronation. Apart from foot instability, your second toe or big toe might also receive a huge discomfort. Excessive foot rotation ultimately ends up into an increased tibia rotation towards the lower leg portion. 
  • Knee pain is the commonest symptoms of over-pronation and it might bother you a lot. It is the senior adults that experience this symptom on a frequent note if this condition gets developed in them. Foot motion needs to be corrected on an immediate basis in order to reduce the impacts of overpronation.

In this respect, orthotics or motion-control shoes are very much helpful and effective. If the signs of overpronation continue then you should immediately reach an orthopaedic doctor nearby for receiving the best medical consultations. Not only your back but your hips might also get badly impacted by this condition. You should always choose the right size of shoes for your feet for avoiding the concerned condition. 

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