The Dangers Of Travelling Abroad For Dental Treatment

It may be tempting to fly abroad for the promise of a new smile and a bit of sun. But is it worth compromising your long-term oral health for?

With the rise of celebrity culture, Brits are increasingly interested in cosmetic dental work to improve the appearance of their smile. A new set of teeth can radically overhaul a person’s image and confidence which can open many doors socially! As consumers look for procedures such as veneers or dental implants to be carried ou Consequently, some are tempted by the option of ‘dental tourism’ which involves travelling overseas to places such as South-East Asia, Eastern Europe or the Middle East to receive cosmetic dental treatment at rock-bottom prices whilst enjoying a bit of sun. Sounds good so far, right? Unfortunately, there are multiple dangers associated with taking such a trip. 

Do You Understand The Scope of the Treatment? 

Language barriers can be a common problem when opting to go overseas for your dental treatment. Make sure that you fully understand what the treatment involves, how many visits are required and what to do if you have any queries or side effects following your treatment.  Gum health can also deteriorate when dental work has been carried out quickly which is why any cosmetic dentistry should usually be carried out over a series of appointments with a dedicated aftercare plan in place. This is usually difficult to fit into a two-week dental holiday! 


It’s concerning that consumers appear to spend more time researching which new car to get rather than the quality of standards and regulations for dental practitioners to follow in the country they’re visiting for their cosmetic treatment.  In this country, dentists have indemnity insurance, extremely high standards of training and our clinics are frequently inspected by the Care Quality Commission. If you’re planning on going abroad for your dental treatment, then carry out thorough research about the standard of service you’ll be receiving and ensure that your choice of dentist belongs to a professional regulatory body

Why Is Your Treatment Cheaper? 

Undoubtedly has a higher cost of living than other countries who are offering similar cosmetic procedures, but is this the sole reason why it can be cheaper to have your treatment carried out overseas? If you’re getting a new set of veneers done for example, can you be sure that the materials used are the same quality that you’ll be receiving in the  Or is it that the dental practitioner doesn’t have the same level experience as a dentist here? Make sure you look into both the qualifications and experience of the dentist who will be treating you personally, along with the materials that you’re paying for. Remember, for example, that cheap implants may be rejected by the body. 

Affording High Quality Dentistry

Staying in for your cosmetic dental work is actually a lot more affordable than you may realise, particularly with interest-free payment plans available when you book in for a smile makeover

Begin by visiting a reputable and regulated dentist who will offer a free consultation to discuss the health and condition of your existing teeth and come up with a realistic plan to transform their appearance. 

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